Let’s just be clear right up front: I hoard JoAnn’s coupons. I would hoard Michael’s coupons and Hobby Lobby coupons too, but they are 90 minutes and 2.5 hours away respectively. I am on the mailing list, I get emails, I get texts, and any other way to get coupons, I’m there.

Because crafts.

I was raised with crafts. I can remember my mom making handmade Christmas cards every fall; and we made all sorts of different ornaments over the years. She crochets and knits and sews, and I spent much time in middle and high school sewing clothes and prom dresses. My grandmother had an old singer sewing machine with a treadle, and I sewed on that, too. My mom taught me to make the beautiful Ukranian Easter eggs (pysanky) and together we experimented with all kinds of different crafts over the years. We still do!

I’m coming back into loving crafts after being in the throes of raising a small person. I have nothing but kudos for mamas that manage to still be crafty when they have toddlers… it just didn’t happen for me! Now that my daughter is heading into first grade (sniff) there’s SO much we can do together. There’s also those school days where this mama has some alone time and can craft while binge watching Netflix. Oh, wait. Did I say that out loud?

So I’ll be sharing fun things for littles as well as for us grown ups, as I discover and try them. Also, since I’m way into organizing as well, we can chat about how to be crafty and keep your stash of supplies from overtaking all your living space. Because in order to really let loose and be creative, you have to keep some supplies on hand. Nothing ruins a nice few hours of craft time faster than one missing supply requiring a trip to the store.

Have something you’d like to learn? Want to share your favorite craft? What makes your creative heart sing? Let’s craft and learn together!